Current Events

Rebecca Burrill

Workshop: January 23, 2021 Movement-Language-Nature-Art with Rebecca Burrill

February 20, 2021 Slate Roof Press, Into the Mystery: The Bodypoem

Honoring Nature:

February 27-28, 2021

Our speakers: Scott Russell Sanders, Sherri Mitchell, Deb Habib and Ricky Baruch, Joan Maloof, Christian McEwen, Patrick Curry, Simon Wilson, Susan Cerulean and Gay Bradshaw. Plus poets!

Book Discussion: February 7, 2021 The Way of Imagination led by the author Scott Russell Sanders

Free A&A Reading Group first Sundays 11am-noon September-February

Next Up: February 7th 11:00-noon: Dr. Scott Russell Sanders visits to discuss his new book The Way of Imagination

Workshop: February 21, 2021 Stories in Motion with Art by the People

March 7, 2021 Stories in Motion: Performance

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