Migrations….a land anthology

Invitation to Submit Poetry or Prose Pieces Addressing the Broad Themes of Land and Migration

We invite submissions of poetry or short prose pieces on the loosely defined theme of Land and Migration. We envision this topic in the broadest sense, including but not limited to:

  • A journey outward either from an undesirable place, or toward a new possibility:  Home, safety, adventure, crossing political, personal, environmental boundaries, finding new landscapes, new possibilities and presences. Leaving the old realities behind, at what cost?
  • A journey inwards, crossing interior boundaries, finding new landscapes of the soul, encountering new imaginative, spiritual, intellectual or emotional possibilities and presences. 
  • A “natural” migration, a journey of entities across the globe who are not human, but who may be animate and aware of their movements whether or not these travels are voluntarily undertaken.
  • Migration effects on ideas and on landscapes/cultures as they move through time and geographic spaces.

These migrations – these wanderings – occur simultaneously, the outer lives of the land and the wanderer informing their inner lives, and vice versa, in a richly interwoven tapestry or Celtic knot.

In envisioning all humans, lands, animals or indeed other presences as part of an intricate web of reciprocal relations, questions arise such as: Who and what are these lands? Who and what are these wayfarers? How does this mutual responsiveness transform them, as each, everything and everyone meet and embrace (or repel)? How do their past experiences, longings and imaginings inform the present and the future? Much else besides will occur to you.

Although this book was originally envisioned as primarily one of poetry, we are open to alternative, experimental, fragmentary, and innovative expressions in prose, and so we invite written contributions unencumbered by restrictions in form, with a preference for works that express a profound connection to land and landscapes. 

We ask for one piece per contributor. Ideally it should be unpublished; but if not unpublished prose should be substantially reworked, while poems are welcome as published. The maximum length of the poem should be 100 lines. Prose piece should be between 500 and 1000 words. 

Submission Deadline: 30 June, 2021. 

Notification of acceptance (with or without requested editing) by 31 July, 2021


Lis McLoughlin (US poets): Lisa@hemlockhouse.net

Simon Wilson (non-US poets and all prose writers): simon.wilson@canterbury.ac.uk

Publisher: Human Error Publishing, Paul Richmond

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