Portfolio of Events and Meetings

“Thank you for finding a way to broadcast this program during a time when we are not able to gather together in person. Well done! ”

–CL, April 2020

“Everything ran so smoothly! “

-JB, April 2020

“It was a good day. Thank you for helping me have a launch at a time when I thought I could not.”

-Cheryl Savageau, June 2020

“The Artists and Authors series was wonderful. Every Saturday met my expectations, though I didn’t have defined expectations some days! I think you all did a wonderful job turning an in-person event into an online one.”

–Mary King, Northfield, MA, June 2020

“Lis is excellent at what she does, and easy to talk to.”

–poet Robert Eugene Perry, July 2020
Slate Roof Press: The BodyPoem 2/20/21

Book Discussion with Dr. Scott Russell Sanders 2/7/21

Nature Photography with Marty Espinola 12/19/20

Enchantment: A discussion with author Dr. Patrick Curry 12/6/20

Hosting for this Kiwanis fundraiser proudly donated by NatureCulture 12/5/20

Blogging: Nature and Faith 11/14/20

Making Love While Farming an author discussion with Dr. Deb Habib and Ricky Baruch 11/1/20

We are the Story, We are the Land: Nolumbeka Project RiverStories 9/19/20

Authors and Artists Festival: June 2020

Writing With the Land Workshop at Dickinson Memorial Library Summer 2020

Nolumbeka Project: River Stories April 2020
Nolumbeka Project: Hidden Landscapes Film Series 2/13/21-3/20/21

Rebecca Burrill Workshop: Nature-Language-Art-Movement 1/23/21

Nolumbeka Project RiverStories: Mashalisque and Frances Crowe: Women and Native Land History 11/29/20

Human Error Publishing Poets 11/23/20

Nolumbeka Project: A Wampanoag Perspective 400 Years After the Mayflower, 9/25/20

Book Launch: Out of the Crazywoods by Cheryl Savageau: June 2020

Cross-Border Poetry: International Poetry Reading July 2020

Nolumbeka Project: River Stories with Chief Don Stevens and Melody Walker Brook 4/18/20

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